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Benefits of drinking mineral water

It is very sad that despite living in tech savvy world, we are still having water borne diseases. ChungHo presents you with best water purifier that is rich in mineral too.

Why is mineral rich water important you ask? Keep reading and you will know….

There was a time when we could stop by any river bank and set free our thirst by drinking the water rich with minerals. We could have even survived on this water for days. The only reason was because it was so rich in minerals.

Well, here is a good news for you, Mineral water is back! You will be astound to know the benefits of drinking mineral water. Our body needs a lot of minerals such as Zinc, Calcium and Magnesium which is usually found in mineral water.

Human body is composed of certain minerals that are considered essential for the proper growth and performance of human brain and body. A deficiency of these minerals is an alarming situation for the brain. Mineral water comes as a rescue in such a scenario.

These mineral can do much more then you can expect like weight loss, better blood circulation makes your bones stronger, etc.


  • Yes, mineral water can help you in losing weight. Since it contains no preservatives and other forms of chemical particles or elements unlike the natural tap water. Moreover, it has no calories and sugar so it is the best solution for losing weight. If we drink mineral water instead of soft drink we will get slim and healthy body.

Good for your bones

  • You will be surprise to know that mineral water is also rich in calcium. As we know that calcium is the mineral responsible for bone formation. Now you can yourself imagine what miracles it will do to you if you start consuming this mineral water. It will strengthens your bones, teeth and even help with the growth of nails and hair.

Regulates metabolism

  • There are sulfates in mineral water which can enhance your metabolism. The sulfates will urge your pancreas to produces enzyme (amylases, proteases and lipases) that can help your body digest food easily. If there is a low level of sulfates in your body, it will affect your digestive system.

Perfect PH level

  • If your pH level of the water is between 6.5- 8.5 then it will help you to boost your immunity. Good immunity means good health. You will be energized, be in your best mental and physical health. A good pH level will help you to fight diseases.

Good for skin

  • Water, as we know, is like food for our skin. It makes us feel fresh and rejuvenated. It cleanses the face, brightens it. Hence you look healthier. Water rich in mineral content helps the skin to be moist and reduces the chances of having wrinkles. This is also the best way to detoxify your body and skin.

Start your day with one glass of mineral water in the morning and start benefiting your body. Let the magic begin with ChungHo!

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