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Chungho Nais Ranks at the Top in Water Purifier Quality

A survey said the best water purifier rental company in terms of quality and cost was Chungho Nais. The Korea Consumer Agency said on February 14 that it held a survey on 1,200 consumers who use rental water purifiers by asking questions on four best-selling water purifier brands.

By individual category, Chungho Nais was ranked No. 1 in terms of quality and cost while in service SK Magic won the top position. When it comes to rental management quality and employee service, Chungho Nais and Coway were ranked at the top respectively. 

The No. 1 company in customer satisfaction scores was Chungho Nais and Coway that won the same 3.51 points out of 5.0 points. Runners-up were SK Magic (3.49) and Cuckoo Electronics (3.33).

Respondents said the most important factors they consider when signing up for a water purifier rental contact were cleanliness and safety (69.4%, 833 answers), followed by performance (18.7%, 225), and rental cost (6.7%, 80).

When it comes to factors for which consumers worry most were harmful substances (57.8%), followed by foreign substances (34.5%) and electric bill and other factors (7.7%). The consumer agency held a meeting with water purifier rental company representatives to share the survey results and recommended ways to improve their services. 

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