ChungHo Nais won ice purifier patent lawsuit againts Coway

After a long 7-year litigation, Chungho won the patent-related lawsuit for the ice purifier.

The patent-related lawsuits between the two companies date back seven years. Chungho Nais, which holds a patent for ‘a cold and hot water purification system and device that can obtain cold water while making ice with an evaporator’, filed a ‘ice purifier patent technology infringement lawsuit’ against Coway, which launched a similar product, in 2014, and the court awarded 10 billion won – ordered to indemnify. Coway filed a lawsuit claiming invalidity of the patent, saying, “The Chungho Nais patent lacks inventive step compared to prior inventions.”

The lawsuit between the two companies went on for several years, and after a long dispute, Chungho won the patent invalidation lawsuit against Coway on June 21, 2021.

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