ChungHo Nais, world-class technology spotlight

Founded in 1993, ChungHo Nais has been leading the way in the environmental consumer electronics industry for the past 26 years by launching the world’s first innovative products such as ice water purifiers, coffee purifiers, wine cellar water purifiers, and waterfall purifiers.

In the early ’90s, when the public’s awareness of water was at its peak, such as the Nakdong River phenolic spill, Chairman Chung Hui-dong, who introduced the first RO membrane purification method in Korea, was established to provide the right water. Chong was the first Korean to hold the status of a Water Quality Officer in the United States.

ChungHo Nais, who has been active in technology, has been officially recognized for 19 consecutive years in the Korea Standards Association’s “Korea New Technology Innovation Award.” In particular, many people think of water purifiers, especially ice water purifiers.

As a trend in the water purifier market, ice water purifiers are the world’s first ice-combo ice purifiers released by ChungHo Nais as a representative well-being premium household appliance. The history of ChungHo Nais is the history of ice water purifiers around the world. Then, in 2006, ChungHo Nais launched the “Iguasu Ice Water Purifier”, a product with patented de-ice technology that can obtain both ice and cold water with a single evaporator, marking the beginning of the era of ice water purifiers.

ChungHo Nais has launched a variety of sizes of stand-type ice water purifiers, wine cellar water purifiers, ultra-small countertop ice water purifiers, coffee ice water purifiers, etc., and is strengthening its position in the ice water purifier market.

The life of a water purifier is a filter. The water purifier released from ChungHo Nais is a filter that can be called the life of a water purifier since the beginning of its founding, dow Chemical co., Ltd. and Calgon’s filter materials as raw materials, using only the highest quality filters produced by ChungHo Nais subsidiary Global Filter Co., Ltd. microfilter. Since its founding, ChungHo Nais has been loved by many customers and is the biggest reason why it has grown into one of the top water purifiers in Korea.

This technology is also recognized worldwide. Since its inception in 1994, ChungHo Nais has been exporting products to more than 40 countries around the world, beginning with exports to the United States, Japan, and Southeast Asia. In December 2006, the Meidi Group, china’s largest consumer electronics company, established a joint venture for the production and sale of water purifiers and filters and began to target the Chinese market and the global water purifier market based in China.

In January 2007, Bulsan Media ChungHo Water Purification Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which established a factory in Guangdong Province, China, is a company that produces water purifiers that match the sensibilities and preferences of local customers in China with high quality, mass production systems. In September 2017, the company opened its subsidiary in Vietnam (production and sales) and a local subsidiary (sales) in Malaysia in February 2018, opening its doors to Asia’s No.1 household appliances, which spans China and Southeast Asia.

Chung Hui-chul, Vice President of ChungHo Nais, said, “ChungHo Nais has been operating the company mainly on technology and product capabilities, and as products such as water purifiers and air purifiers produced and sold by ChungHo Nais are closely related to our human life, ChungHo Nais will continue to offer products that can only give customers confidence.” 

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