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Beautiful promise to keep a healthy life


Nais Care

Is a package consist of regular visit services & product warranty.
Nais Service comes as complimentary on outright purchase & rental plan following the terms offered by the time of the purchased.


Nais Care Membership

Subscribe to extend regular Service & Warranty

  • Continue to enjoy clean & fresh water/air everyday
    Clean water & air are essential. Definitely more crucial than our monthly internet access. With Nais Care Membership, you can continue your healthy lifestyle together with your love ones. Our health is the main reason why we install a water/air purifier after all. Why stop now?
  • 100% Original & premium quality of filters
    It’s a big industries & there’s a lot of counterfeit/fake/cheap & low quality filters in the market. These filters most likely would damage your high tech machines and worst, compromise your drinking water quality. ChungHo Nais is a worldwide premium filter maker. Nais membership ensure your machines equipped with original high premium quality filters.
  • Your machines are covered with extended warranty
    Let’s make a ‘car’ as example. What would happen if we did not send it for service? What happen to it’s performance? In a long run? Likely Undrivable. Extended warranty ensure you machines performance & nothing beats a FREE repair & part replacement. Peace of mind.
  • Peace of mind solution
    Let us take care of your water & air quality. Make it clean free from water/air-borne viruses & disease. We take care of filter condition & change the filters at optimum cycle. Machine malfunctioning? No worries, we will make a visit, check, repair, change parts or even change the whole machine fo a new one with no extra charge. We take care of it all so you can focus on other things.

Nais Care Membership Subscription

Nais Care Membership


All fees shown is the standard annual fee of Nais Care membership. Our staff will contact you for the final calculated amount with promotion discount and subscription confirmation. We are looking forward to continue serving you!

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