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Enhance your wellbeing

Enhance your wellbeing

Advanced, multi-filter water purifier technology ensures your water is safe and tastes amazing

Breathe the freshness

Breathe the freshness

The best solution to fine dust, bacteria, haze & viruses. Raised the bar with ULPA filter technology

Improve your lifestyle

Improve your lifestyle

Hygiene, comfort and convenience in your bathroom gets you better than just clean

Premium italian coffee

Premium italian coffee capsule

Premium italian coffee capsule for Whi Caffe water purifier series.

11 Reasons why

11 Reasons why Nais is best

There is 11 reasons why ChungHo Nais is the best choice to start your healthy living lifestyle

World's first products.

We innovate the world's first products.

Holds over 99 domestic and 29 overseas technology patents. We innovate the world's first products.

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