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2-in-1 Air purifier + dehumidifier. Best to Improve air quality in your rooms & remove excess moisture, anyday!

Room size

16.5m² / 1,065.60ft²
(Effective area)

Purify 16.5 m² / 180 ft²
Dehumidify 50 m² / 540 ft²



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ChungHo 2-in-1 Lily HEPA Dehumidifier

Hepa Air purifier with dehumidifier function in one smart appliance

Enjoy the authentic Italian Coffee made from the purest water of Whi Caffe

Say goodbye to unpleasant odour and mold.

Dehumidification and air cleaning functions are put in one unit

It features air cleaning function that can remove fine dust, dirt, and odors, and dehumidification function that help remove moisture and dry laundry.

4 stage air cleaning system

It absorbs the contaminants and moisture in the air strongly and makes the space pleasant by spraying clean air from the discharge port at the top.

Pre Filter

Remove pet hair, pollen and other visible dust.

Medium Filter

Remove coarse dust, yellow dust, and house dust mite.

HEPA Filter

It removes respiratory dust that adversely affects human body including fine dust of 0.3 (bacteria, cigarette smoke)

Deodorization Filter

It excellently removes life-threatening subtances such as ammonia, acetaldehyde, and acetic acid, which cause sick house syndrome.

Smart air care system

Lily finds the optimal humidity, quickly removes air pollutants and odors for smart air control.

Easy LED indicator for humidity and air quality

The humidity and air quality are indicated by the color change of the LED lamp

Clean Air

Low Pollution

Medium Pollution

High Pollution

Clean Operation : Air purification is automatically selected when the power is turned on, and the LED lights up and operates in the clean automatic mode.

Dehumidification Operation : LED light up and operates in dehumidification automatic mode. When the set humidity is reached, dehumidification stops and the speed of the fan decreases. For quick dehumidification, set the air flow strong. It will operate continuously regardless of the humidity level.

Moveable wheel

Handled conveniently - move where you want it to be without hustle.

Powerful dehumidification function

Dehumidifying air purifier Lily with high efficiency dehumidification performance, concentrated drying and continuous drainage function

High-efficiency heat exchanger quickly dehumidifies indoor humidity and improves indoor environment.

Drying rate in concentrated drying is about 90%.
Drying rate in natural drying is about 30%.

Constantly removes water from the tank by attaching a hose to the machine (Drain hose is excluded).

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