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Experience the four-stage clean system with next level ULPA filters to enhanced air purification level, combines with NAV Ion technology!

Room size

30.2m² / 1,950.42ft²
(Effective area)

30.2 m² / 330 ft²



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ChungHo Whirls II ULPA Air Purifier

ULPA filtered Air purifier with Natural-Air-Vaccine feature

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Feel only fresh, clean and virus-free air with ULPA filtered Whirls series.

Smart touch navigation

Air volume, Timer, Operation mode, NAV ion can be set easily.

NAV (Natural Air Vaccine) ion

Advanced sterilization with the air sterilization technology NAV (Natural Air Vaccine)

OH Radical

OH Radical is a powerful antidote to the various bacteria that remain in the air.

ULPA - more refined filter than HEPA

ULPA filters are used in applications requiring very efficient filtering of airborne pathogens which can cause aggravate asthma and cause allergies or disease. These filters are also useful in manufacturing environments which require very clean air including electronics manufacturing operating room, clean room etc.

ULPA Filter

ULPA filter that removes more than 99.999% of ultrafine dust that penetrates depply into the human body and damages the respiratory and cardiovascular system.

4 stage air cleaning system

It absorbs the contaminants and moisture in the air strongly and makes the space pleasant by spraying clean air from the discharge port at the top.

Pre Filter

Remove pet hair, pollen and other visible dust.

Medium Filter

Remove coarse dust, yellow dust, and house dust mite.

ULPA Filter

It removes respiratory dust that adversely affects human body including fine dust of 0.1 (bacteria, cigarette smoke)

Deodorization Filter

It excellently removes life-threatening subtances such as ammonia, acetaldehyde, and acetic acid, which cause sick house syndrome.

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