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Leading household appliances: World’s first ice water purifier

Founded in 1993, ChungHo Nais is a consumer electronics company that produces and sells water purifiers, air purifiers, bidets, water softeners, and dehumidifiers.

Since its establishment, ChungHo Nais has grown into Korea’s leading consumer electronics company, producing water purifiers with superior water purification technology with its own technology.

For the past 26 years, ChungHo Nais has been leading the way in the environmental appliance industry by launching the world’s first innovative products such as ice water purifiers, coffee purifiers, wine cellar water purifiers, and waterfall purifiers. This technology was officially recognized by the Korea Standards Association for the 18th consecutive year of the Korea New Technology Innovation Award.

When I think of ChungHo Nais, many people think of water purifiers, especially ice water purifiers. Ice water purifiers, which are now a trend in the water purifier market, are typical premium household appliances. In 2003, the ice purifier debuted in the world, and the ice combo ice purifier, released by ChungHo Nais, is the first product in the world.

The history of ChungHo Nais is the history of ice water purifiers around the world. In 2006, ChungHo Nais surprised the world once again with the launch of the Iguazu ice purifier, which is a patented ice water transfer that can be obtained simultaneously with a single evaporator. This is the product that opened the beginning of the ice water purifier era, and the brand name “Iguazu” of ChungHo Nais was also used for the first time.

Since then, ChungHo Nais has solidified its position in the ice water purifier market by launching stand-type ice water purifiers of various sizes, wine cellar water purifiers, ultra-small countertop ice water purifiers, and coffee ice water purifiers.

Since its inception in 1994, ChungHo Nais has been exporting products to more than 40 countries around the world, beginning with exports to the United States, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

In 2006, ChungHo Nais established a joint venture with Midea, china’s largest consumer electronics company, and entered the Chinese market early. In September 2017, ChungHo Nais established a subsidiary in Vietnam responsible for production and sales, and in February last year established a sales subsidiary in Malaysia to become the first Asian consumer electronics company that spans China and Southeast Asia.

ChungHo Nais aimed to achieve 500 billion won in sales and 7% operating profit this year. To this end, we have proposed strengthening our main business, opening up new business areas, and increasing management efficiency in detail. 

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