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ChungHo Nais Multi Cycle air purifier won US IDEA Design Award

ChungHo Nais (CEO Chung Hwi-Cheol) announced that ‘6Way Multi-Circulation Air Purifier’ won the main prize at the ‘2019 IDEA Design Award’.

The event is North America’s premier design award hosted by the American Association of Industrial Designers (IDSA). It is one of the world’s three major design awards.

The award-winning product features a slim design with a reduced footprint. The space utilization is high and the stand type and the wall type can be selected according to the usage environment.

In addition, it is strongly suctioned by the double fan on the front and is quickly cleaned through 6 discharge ports. The filter consists of a pre-filter, a medium filter, an ultra-fine dust filter, and a deodorizing filter.

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