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Chungho Nais won ‘Korea New Technology Innovation Award’ for 22 consecutive years

On 10th October 2022, ChungHo Nais won the “Korea New Technology Innovation Award” for the 22nd consecutive year at the 2022 Korea Innovation Awards which is organized by the Korean Standards Association.

The Korea Innovation Award was created and established in 2000 to identify new growth engines which have contributed to economic growth by honouring companies and public institutions that have achieved results through innovation. The product that has enabled ChungHo Nais to win the Korea Innovation Award for the 22nd consecutive year, is ChungHo Espre Café. ChungHo Espre Café is the ice brewing coffee machine which is a premium all-in-one product that includes all the functions of a coffee machine and ice water purifier.

The taste and aroma of Italian roasted coffee are extracted from the clean water filtered by RO membrane filters, and the functional benefits of making iced coffee the most convenient to drink, have become so popular with consumers. This has contributed to sales more than tripled this year compared to the same period last year (1-5 May).

Attending the awards ceremony on this day, the Executive Director of the Institute of Environmental Technology of ChungHo Nais said, “We are pleased that ChungHo Nais has been awarded the Korean New Technology Innovation Award for the 22nd consecutive year,” and that “we will continue to present only innovative products that customers can trust and use.”

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