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Chungho Nais’s iced coffee water purifier sales triple

Water purifier company Chungho Nais said that sales of its iced coffee machine in the first five months of the year more than tripled from a year prior.

The Espre Caffe, which comes in four models, including a countertop version and a large, standing model, is a combination of an ice-dispensing water purifier and a capsule coffee machine that can be used at both home and the office.

The taste and aroma of Italian roasted coffee made with clean water filtered through membrane filters as well as it allows users to easily make iced coffee led to the sales hike, Chungho Nais said.

In April, the company released its 100 per cent certified Jamaica Blue Mountain premium coffee grown at high altitudes, which is considered key to a balanced and complete cup of coffee.

Espre Caffe is sold not just in South Korea but is also exported to Europe and Southeast Asia. – The Korea Herald

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