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How to get your kids to drink more water

Water is vital for the health of your child. It plays an indispensable role in hydrating the body and regulating its temperature of the body. It is also vital for the prevention of constipation and urinary tract infections. You will be able to keep a wide number of diseases at bay as you make your kids drink more water.

They will have smooth and gentle skin as they drink more water regularly. However, making kids drink water can be a hassle in some processes. Most children do not like drinking water and hence parents keep looking for ways to make the kids drink more water.

Here are some options to make your child drink more water daily

Make it available for them

When you think your toddler is thirsty, hand a bottle of water. They may say that they are not feeling thirsty. In such cases, ask them to drink five sips. Most of them, drink way more than that. As they drink water, they start realizing that they are thirsty.

You can also leave a cup of water within the reach of children. So, whenever your child feels thirsty, they will be able to reach the cup and drink water from it. Make sure to keep the cup in such a place that your kids notice it.

Using specialized cups

Making use of specialized cups can be a great idea to make your kids drink water regularly. Your kids may be fond of Disney cartoons, and superheroes, and you can buy cups having the designs of superheroes, cartoons, etc.

You can tell them the water has superhero powers. You can also opt for cups with kid-friendly prints of aliens and animals. You can also let them choose their special cups. You can also opt for special straws. It is better to let them have ownership of the procedure. In this way, you can make them drink more water.

Make drinking water more fun for them

Several children love drinking ice water through the straw. They are fond of the cold feeling in the mouth, in addition to the sound of ice that clinks in the cup. Toddlers do not enjoy drinking plain water for a long duration of time.

Hence, you can buy fruit-flavoured water for them and mix them with regular water. You can also mix a small amount of juice with the daughter. Though it gives them a hint of water, it is mostly water and offers a wide assortment of health benefits to your kids.

Limiting the options

You need to start early and ensure not to avail too many options at your home. You can have one type of juice, milk, or water at your home at a time. You can alternate juice, water, and milk throughout the day. You can also go for diluting the juice with water.

Do not let the kids have the next beverage until their cup is empty. You can also make it more of a game so that they can finish the water fast. You can ask your kid to drink a glass of water before giving them a different beverage.

Make the water taste amazing

You should make sure to add fresh fruit to the water to confer it a good flavour. Your children are not going to taste the water if they do not taste good.

Hence, you should give them water which tastes good. You can add orange juice to the water to make it tastier for your children.

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