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Tips for dehydration – Beat the heat!

Come one and come all and let us beat the heat this summer with these easy-to-follow tips for dehydration. What comes first to your mind when we are dehydrated? Water isn’t it! But there is a lot more than that. So let’s check them out! 

Prevention is better than cure

We know that the risk of dehydration increases exponentially when temperatures increase throughout the summer months because warmer conditions cause people to have a higher sweat output. So it is only fitting that we take care of it now, as we know that prevention is better than cure. But before we disclose the tips for all generations, let us discuss the most common signs of dehydration.

Feeling thirsty being the very first reason along with some others like nausea or vomiting, headache, stomach and leg cramping, cracked lips etc. So you better keep your eyes open whenever you see any of these symptoms.

In today’s time, different age groups need varied attention to keep them away from dehydration. Here is why and how:

For office goers
  • These 9-5 working hours misbalance food habits for many millennials. Thus making it mandatory for them to avoid unhealthy snacking. They should definitely decrease the repetitive and regular intake of coffee/tea and replace it with watery and citric-rich fruits and vegetables.
For school-going kids
  • Children have smaller body masses, they produce more heat and also sweat less than their adult counterparts. Thus they suffer from dehydration more easily than fully-grown adults do.
For non-stop homemaker mothers
  • Since mothers are caught up in most of the household chores, it is here that yoga can come as a great help. Yoga can be an incredibly calming form of exercise that often allows people to sweat less.
For college students
  • All college-going students should avoid food and drinks with high diuretic counts. Foods and substances that enhance urine production are known as diuretics. These substances should be avoided during summer because they can cause increased loss of body fluids. Examples of substances to avoid are cola, coffee, and chocolate. 
For sportive ones
  • Eating protein-rich food and ample water consumption might not suffice. Eat salty foods in a pre-exercise meal or add an appropriate amount of salt to sports drinks consumed during exercise. Avoid working or exercising outdoors in the summertime, whenever possible, or limit yourself to cooler times of the day.
For the elder ones
  • The very first recommendation for our elder ones is to drink a lot of water and avoid spicy food. Stay indoors in the peak heat hours as you are likely to sweat more if you are directly exposed to the sun. Sweating releases vital body fluids, minerals, and salts that can lead to dehydration.

So be healthy and be hydrated and avoid any bad food habits like smoking and drinking. Most health practitioners, dieticians, and nutritionists recommend drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water per day. This is only the most measured amount, not everyone requires the same amount of fluids. The number of fluids that are necessary for the body depends on your physical activity, weight, height, and the region in which you live.

Know your body, prevent dehydration and beat the heat!!

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