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Pure Water – A life-sustaining necessity for every growing child

Water is life. Life without water is not possible on earth. After air, water is the next vital element for the survival of living creatures. And there is no substitute for water. The human body’s 70% mass is water, in both adults as well children. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to maintain the water content in our body in order to maintain homeostasis and regulate and function properly. Hence, it is of paramount importance to take water in adequate quantity.

While drinking is essential, drinking pure water is imperative as water is a germ carrier of several life-threatening diseases such as cholera, jaundice, typhoid and the list goes on. Not all sources of water are fresh, clean and healthy. A simple filter can only remove some physical material it cannot kill the microbes or remove the chemicals in it. A ChungHo RO plays a pivotal role in safeguarding every household from falling sick by supplying water in its purest and healthiest state.

Helps in Staying Fit and Healthy

  • Water helps in regulating body temperature and in the smooth running of bodily functions. Water also plays an important role in flushing out toxins from the body. Children by nature tend to be physically more active than adults. Therefore, to keep themselves hydrated, fit and healthy during all seasons, it is important that they take clean and healthy water in adequate quantity. After all, a healthy child is a happy child. A ChungHo RO ensures the purest water to your family by virtue of its state of art components including a UV light treatment unit to completely banish harmful microorganisms.

Strengthens Immunity

  • Water is a great immunity booster in children and also keeps a lot of diseases at bay. Immunity is principal to prevent children from frequently falling sick, which in turn obstructs a child’s physical as well as mental growth. While purifying water it should be taken care the essential properties and minerals are not damaged or removed from the drinkable water. A Nakasa RO quintessentially removes only the harmful particles and retains the important properties and minerals of water for the body to consume.

Aids in Fighting Diseases and Recovery

  • Children are more prone to diseases due to greater exposure and vulnerability. Water helps the body not only in staying fit and healthy but also in fighting diseases and recovery. It is always advisable that while recovering from an illness such as fever, cold, headache, indigestion, or infection, one should try to keep the body hydrated for a quicker and smoother recovery. Pure and clean water is a natural remedy for a lot of ailments. Moreover, drinking water sufficiently makes your skin glow in a way no lotion can ever do it.

Water is Irreplaceable

  • No other liquid can take the place of water. A large number of drinking products are marketed and sold in the market whose primary target is children and are very harmful to the body. With the changing lifestyles and food habits, teaching the importance of drinking clean water and inculcating the habit of drinking water in our children shall benefit them immensely in the long run.

A Boon in Disguise

  • Water is boon to the world and all its creatures. Water is, therefore, a life-sustaining necessity. Without water, the earth would only be a piece of barren land. Children should be taught the value and means of conserving water. The uniqueness of pure and clean water is that it has only beneficial and health-giving properties with no ill effects. Nothing quenches the thirst better than water in its purest and richest form.

Enjoy pure water from Chungho Nais water purifier.

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